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Surgical and non-surgical options available
Vaginal Revitalization
Newest techniques using bipolar radiofrequency technology.
Painful Intercourse
Pre, peri and post menopausal intercourse issues.
Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal revitalization is not just for sexual pleasure or painful intercourse

Our vaginal revitalization techniques stengthen and renew vaginal tissue, causing the vaginal pH to correct.

Once this happens, you can expect fewer urinary tract infections, less urinary leakage, less urinary frequency and urgency, and less pelvic discomfort in general.


Why we are better at vaginal revitalization:

  • All procedures performed by board certified female urologist/ urogynecologist in a female only practice.

  • Brand new Bipolar Radiofrequency technology revitalizes the tissue much deeper than just the surface, compared to laser therapy.

  • We are the first to use this fabulous European technology.


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