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For women who have vaginal laxity as a result of childbirth or the natural aging process, Viveve treatment with Geneveve® offers a noninvasive solution. Female urology specialist Dr. Jennifer Hill of Suffolk Pelvic Medicine in Riverhead, New York uses this radiofrequency treatment to help women who live on Long Island and the surrounding area achieve optimal vaginal wellness. Call the office, or book an appointment online to find out more about the Viveve system and how it can optimize your vaginal comfort and health.

Viveve Vaginal Wellness

What is the Viveve system?

The Viveve system offers Geneveve, a noninvasive, radiofrequency procedure targeted at restoring wellness to women’s most intimate areas. The treatment tightens your vaginal tissue by stimulating the development of collagen at the cellular level. Collagen is a natural protein your body produces to promote healthy, resilient tissue. The technology’s radiofrequency energy stimulates your tissue to tighten from within.

What symptoms can be addressed with Viveve vaginal wellness treatments?

When women experience a decline in estrogen production, which happens with menopause and following childbirth, a number of unpleasant vaginal symptoms may ensue. These include:

  • Lack of sensation during intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness and poor lubrication
  • Vagina laxity

Geneveve can provide tightening of the tissue to improve friction and moistness to enhance sexual pleasure and make you feel more like yourself again.

What should I expect during Geneveve by Viveve treatment?

During a Geneveve procedure, Dr. Hill inserts a smooth tip just inside your vaginal opening. The tip sends the radiofrequency energy as it’s rotated around the opening of your vagina. You’ll feel alternating sensations of gentle heat and cooling to keep you completely comfortable.

Do vaginal wellness treatments with Viveve hurt?

The Geneveve by Viveve treatments are pain-free and quick, taking just about 25 minutes. The procedure is performed in-office, and you go home the same day. You experience no tissue damage or blood loss and require no downtime following. You can go right back your daily activities after a session.

Some women do experience mild swelling, tingling, or redness following treatment, but this usually resolves within a few hours.

When will I see results from Viveve vaginal wellness treatments?

Geneveve by Viveve stimulates collagen production, which takes time. The production of a greater amount of this natural tissue strengthening compound takes place over the course of 8-12 weeks. You continue to feel improvements in your vaginal wellness for 6-12 months following these initial results, too.

To learn more about how Geneveve by Viveve can enhance your vaginal wellness, call the office of Suffolk Pelvic Medicine, or book an appointment online.